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    Using indoor tanning lotions are an irreplaceable element for obtaining an effective and healthy tan. Choosing the perfect cosmetic ensures a better and faster effect – it is an investment in the attractive appearance and condition of your skin, as well as in the quality and duration of your tan.

    We are an exclusive distributor of the best American tanning lotions from 7suns Cosmetics and TanAszU brands. The wide range we supply will enable you to find the perfect balm that will meet all of your expectations.


    7suns Cosmetics is an  American brand of indoor tanning lotions, which not only provides a golden glow tan but also takes care of your skin.

    “In 7suns we believe that the most important thing is the good condition and perfect look of your skin – because only then  does a tan look really great”

    7suns lotions are based on the highest quality ingredients and proven formulas which were developed through long years of experience and thanks to the extensive knowledge of the entire team. This was the basis for success of the brand. The cosmetics are known for their great moisturizing and nourishing properties, as well as for their wonderful fragrances.

    Intensifiers, natural or black bronzers, tingling or energizing lotions, based on Hemp, Aloe Vera or Coconut Oil – in this wide selection you will find your dream-boy!

    7suns Cosmetics creates 4 series of lotions for different needs and budgets. Below you will find out some more information about them:


    TAN ASZ U lotions offer the finest tanning experience. A lot of natural ingredients and the most effective formula blends makes this series not only very effective, but also providing the skin with great protection. Whether you prefer tanning accelerators or advanced black bronzers, tingle or cooling effects, a shimmer or matte finish – we are sure that you will find your perfect match!

    Emerald Bay tanning lotions are specially formulated just for you! This cosmetics offer waves of deep bronze perfection, real tropical ingredients and a seaside state of mind... Now you can own the beach! Each of them is filled with Agave nectar, vitamins and proteins, which will give your skin a boost of energy for the whole long day.

    Over the years Emerald Bay lotions have gained an excellent reputation - both in the tan and skin care. The result you achieve will be beyond your expectations.

    Emerald Bay may, therefore, rely on a large number of satisfied customers, who find their favourite lotion in the wide range of products.

    Properly matched cosmetics will protect your skin from irritation, redness, and ensure that its proper elasticity will be maintained. It will also prevent the forming of free radicals responsible for the photo-aging of the skin.

    Remember that using  tanning lotions is a must when using a sunbed. It is important to use products which have been developed solely for this purpose as it contains a greater amount of protective and care ingredients.

    So which one will you choose today?

    Wondering how to find your perfect match? Check our guide (link) and find your dream-boy!

    If you are looking for more information about indoor tanning take a look at our FAQ (link) and tanning tips (link).



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