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Magnificent black bronzer

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Tan&Glory 250ml

Glory for the tanners! This knock out bronzer will make you feel like a real champion and your incredible tan will make the competition fade away! Ultra -moisturizing thanks to our new SuperMoist formula, mega nutrition supplied by Royal Honey and Hemp oils and the Seaweed Complex is responsible for smoothing and firming the skin , all supported by our Skin Firming & CoQ10 mixture.

And if that were still not enough! Acai berries, blueberries and dark chocolate will provide your skin with a giant dose of antioxidants to keep it always looking young and radiant. The Tattoo Saver will give your body art a healthy helping of colour and glow.

This super bronzer is number 1 on the market so do not hesitate to use it!

- Strong bronzing formulas for a natural looking, deep, golden and streak-free tan.
- Royal Honey & SuperMoist for proper hydration and nourishment
- Eliminate cellulite with our new Seaweed Complex based on algae extracts.
- Young and radiant skin thanks to a huge dose of natural antioxidants.

Contains DHA bronzer NO
Before tanning YES
After Tan NO
Firming complexes YES
Anti-aging formula NO
Fragrance Last Night
Contains bronzers YES
Warming effect NO
Special for face NO
Special for legs NO
Capacity 250 [ml]
Item no 210070


Magnificent black bronzer

Net Price: £24,17
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200x bronzer

Net Price: £29,17
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